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Age Group Events

Welcome to our events page. As well as promoting MedwayTri events, we also want our athletes to compete and accomplish great things at other events locally, nationally and even internationally, if you are that adventurous.

The Events list shows recommended events, giving you the opportunity to see if other club members have entered, before choosing to sign up yourself. If you do enter an event, please do not forget to sign yourself up here on the website, so that our Results and Media Officers can publish your results. It also enables other team mates to see who is racing in which competition.

Age group triathlon and duathlon events

We are, primarily, a triathlon club, so if triathlon or duathlon is your thing, there are a host of local and national races available to enter on our website's events listing. As a club that would really like to make its mark on the national sport, we encourage all of our members who feel confident to try and qualify to compete for the GB Age group team. It sounds daunting at first, but actually it isn't that scary and may be more realistic than you think.

Throughout the year there are numerous races at all distances to qualify for Great Britain Age Group competitions, so why not give it a go and see how you fare? We have had many athletes represent GB within MedwayTri and we would love to have more, so join up now and add yourself to our Hall of Fame.

Check the list of qualifying races for a GB place below and pick one or two that you fancy entering. Then find the corresponding race on our events listing. Enter from the link and tag yourself as joined. Our coaches will assist you in developing your performance for the race and our Results and Media Officers will publish the news.

You can find all qualifiers here.

Other age group events

You will also find information on various sportives, time trials and other cycle events within our Events pages. In addition, there are aquathons, open water swim events and many team events to be found. Why not take a look through now and see what you would like to enter: Events list

If you have entered an event and cannot find it on the list, then please inform us in the social area, submit news section and we will ensure that it is added.

Age group run events

MedwayTri is invited to the Kent Cross Country League during the winter months.  This is an excellent series of cross country races across Kent, attracting the county’s best athletes, with more than 400 runners taking part, covering all age groups from age 10 to vets.  See below:–

  • Under 13 Girls
  • Under 13 Boys
  • U15 Girls
  • U15 Boys
  • U17 Girls
  • U17 Boys
  • U17 Girls
  • U20 Boys
  • U20 Girls
  • Senior Women
  • Senior Men
  • Vets.

Visit the Kent Cross Country League website.

As well as the cross country series there are many road races across the year.  If your long term aim is to compete in long distance triathlon, then long distance run events are a great way to prepare. Winter training is the perfect way of keeping on top of your run, and having a couple of races to plan for, helps to focus on that training.

Further info

MedwayTri is also affiliated with England Athletics as a club. Individual athlete affiliation costs £13 for the year, which includes reductions on all trail and road races across the country.  If you are planning to enter a series of run events, it does pay to be a member of England Athletics.  For further information on EA Affiliation, and events around the country, please look at the following website -

Visit the England Athletics website.


January 2018

Type Date Event
run 20th Ranscombe Challenge
aquathlon 21st Medway Tri Aquathlon

February 2018

Type Date Event
bike 18th Hell of the Ashdown
bike 25th Kentish Killer 2018

March 2018

Type Date Event
duathlon 25th Bedford Autodrome Duathlon

April 2018

Type Date Event
run 8th Paddock Wood Half Marathon
run 22nd Virgin London Marathon
duathlon 28th TESE Medway Tri Duathlon

May 2018

Type Date Event
run 7th Whitstable 10k
triathlon 12th Ironman 70.3 Mallorca
triathlon 19th Eton Supersprints and Sprint
triathlon 20th Outlaw Half
triathlon 20th Ironman 70.3 Barcelona
triathlon 20th Triathlon England National Standard distance Champs
triathlon 20th 2018 ITU Sprint distance qualifier
triathlon 20th TESE Arundel Lido Sprint Triathlon
triathlon 26th Lough Cutra Triathlon (castle series)

June 2018

Type Date Event
triathlon 3rd TE Sprint distance champs and 2019 European Sprint ditance qualifier
triathlon 9th Medway Tri Mini-Tri
triathlon 10th BTF Standard Distance Triathlon Champs
triathlon 10th Eastbourne Triathlon
triathlon 10th TESE Dartford and White Oak Sprint Triathlon
triathlon 23rd Cholmondeley Castle Trithlon (castle series)
triathlon 23rd TESE Leeds Castle Sprint Distance
triathlon 24th 2019 ITU Standard Distance Qualifier (World Final)
triathlon 24th The Cardiff Triathlon

July 2018

Type Date Event
triathlon 1st Outlaw Half Holkham
triathlon 8th Festival of Endurance and BTF Middle Distance Champs
triathlon 8th 2019 ETU Sprint Distance Qualifier (European Champs)
triathlon 8th Worthing Standard distance Triathlon
triathlon 15th British Sprint Distance Championships
triathlon 19th 2018 Tartu ETU Standard Distance Triathlon European Championships
triathlon 21st Castle Howard Triathlon (castle series)
triathlon 22nd Owler middle distance Triathlon
triathlon 28th South Coast Triathlon

August 2018

Type Date Event
triathlon 5th 2019 ETU Standard Distance Qualifier (European Champs)
triathlon 5th TESE Bewl Water Sprint Triathlon
triathlon 25th Chateau de Chantilly Triathlon (castle series)
triathlon 26th Ironman Vichy

September 2018

Type Date Event
triathlon 2nd Southwater Relays
run 12th 2018 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final
triathlon 16th Channel Triathlon
triathlon 22nd Hever Castle Starter/Sprint +/Super Sprint
triathlon 23rd Hever Castle Standard and Middle distance

October 2018

Type Date Event
triathlon 20th Challenge Peguera Mallorca
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