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Multi-discipline Training

There are massive advantages in competing and training in multi-discipline sports such as Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon and Biathlon. It’s not simply the fact that the whole training process is more varied and interesting, it actually has great health benefits.

Multi-sport training does not put consistent strain on the same muscle groups, leading to the strengthening of the main muscle groups whilst helping to develop the smaller supportive groups. As a result, repetitive stress is minimised.

Another advantage is that the varied disciplines demand the use of different types of energy system by the body, resulting in an extremely effective cardiovascular and skeletal muscular system.

Even though triathlon is an endurance sport by nature, this shared load across the whole body makes it an ideal sport to participate in as an age group competitor with people competing at international level into their 80’s.

Significantly advantageous is that an injury, in most cases, will only prove problematic in one or worst case two of the disciplines, meaning that you can continue to focus on the disciplines, whilst you are waiting for the body to heal.

MedwayTri Multi discipline training

Multi-discipline training activities

MedwayTri not only delivers an extensive swim/bike/run programme, we also spend time on coaching and training you in all the areas that tie these different sports together. Therefore training also comprises brick sessions and transition practice.

Brick sessions - Brick sessions are used to develop your transition from bike to run (for Triathletes and Duathletes) or from run to bike (for Duathletes). Two hour sessions are scheduled at the Gravesend Cyclopark.

The brick session consists of a set distance on the bike, followed by a set distance on the run, repeated several times. This not only works on the speed of transition moving from the bike into your trainers and vice versa, but adapts the body to changing between disciplines.

Check our schedule and the session plans regularly to see when we have a brick session planned.

MedwayTri Transition practice

Transition practice

During specific sessions, we will also carry out transition practice. These sessions are essential for sharpening race speed during the triathlon season, with the introduction of a competitive element making them fun and exciting for the group.

Typically, these will be set up at intervals throughout the season. Keep an eye on the schedule and the session plans to ensure you don’t miss them.

Pay per session cost

Session Adult Child
Swim (pool) £6.00 £6.00
Swim 2hr (pool) N/A £8.75
Swim (open water) £5.00 £5.00
Bike (cyclopark) £5.00 £3.80
Run (track) £3.80 £2.70
Strength (studio) £4.40 £2.20
Turbo (studio) £4.40 £2.20

Weekend group rides and cross country session are free to all members.

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