The Importance of Gluteus Medius and Running

Today Louise looks at the importance of looking after your gluteus medius muscles and their role whilst running.

The Importance of Gluteus Medius and Running
Keep your glutes firing on all cylinders


So, there’s a muscle in your bottom which sits to the side of your hip and is vitally important to keep strong for correct alignment of your pelvis when running.

This muscle has many roles, including turning your hip in and out and away from the body. It should be considered with every running injury, especially an overuse injury. Any weakness here may cause inefficient running technique.

There are several areas that a physiotherapist will check to assess the correct function of gluteus medius. It may be apparent that a weakness will cause the runner to decrease their stride length. This may lead to the runner adopting a more shuffling pattern, which therefore reduces the force of impact (and decreases the muscle control required to maintain pelvic posture).

This may cause over pronation of the foot, leading to pain on the inside of the lower leg or achilles tendon.

During an assessment, the physiotherapist will test the strength of gluteus medius and if required, then start a rehabilitation programme to strengthen this vital muscle.

So, if you’re struggling with unexplained lower leg, knee, achilles, hip pain, don’t leave it – go and seek professional help and guidance.
Remember – FML – Fix it, Move it, Don’t Lose it!  

Louise Hayes 
BSc Hons Physiotherapy
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Posted: Jul 7, 2016 | Category: Nutrition