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Lilly Smashes Leeds

Defying the odds by narrowly missing a DQ (if not for her charm on the officials), missing training due to exams and post illness, Lilly still manages to perform exceptionally well at the Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon in Leeds
Lilly Smashes Leeds
Lilly with fellow club members
Leeds was your typical English race, wet, windy and cold. The day began with an early start as we had to be lined up on the pontoon by 9:30.  I arrived at Roundhay park at 7:00 which was a tough ask considering I didn't arrive to my hotel until 11:30 on the Friday evening because of school.  When the heart beat music began I was so nervous but there was no time for that as 'on your marks' followed seconds after. My swim didn't go as well as I would have liked. I was so cold and so small that I couldn't mark my territory from the bigger girls so I got bashed about quite a bit. It was the most brutal swim since I began triathlon. Much like being swung about on a rollercoaster. Arms were literally flying everywhere! 
I came out the swim at the back but with a long run up to T1 I managed to make up a few places. T1 went really well and I was soon on to her the bike. As soon as I mounted my bike I had to make it up a steep hill. Others would moan at this but I love hills and it gave me another opportunity to gain a few places. I wasn't in a specific bike packs during the ride but jumping from one group to another. The bike course was wet with lots of turns which made it very technical which I liked. Deans dead turn practise came into great use! By the end of the bike I was in 14th. 
My legs were feeling it though and I wasn't able to make up any more places on the run but I managed to hold my position. The run was very hard as half was going up a really steep hill and the other was going down a slippery, wet, mud track. Overall I was very surprised with my performance as I wasn't feeling on top form after battling a cold for a few weeks and having missed training sessions due to exams, so the outcome was very good. 
But this nearly all changed as I lost my number in T1 because of the wet conditions. I then got told that I could be Dq'd which was the worst feeling ever. I explained to the official that the numbers were quite flimsy (and we are in 'England'). Looking around lots of people were In the same position so I got away with it- luckily!
It was great to have a whole team of Medway Tri at Leeds and everyone did so well and there was great encouragement all round. 
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