Gabby's Determination Succeeds in Leeds!

Determined to compete and despite previous injury and a fall off her bike, Gabby proved that when she sets herself a goal, then there is no stopping her. Go Gabby!

Gabby's Determination Succeeds in Leeds!
Gabby on the Bike Leg
Having picked up an injury earlier in the season that hampered my training Leeds Super Series youth was the one event I was determined to compete in. The week leading up to the event wasn't promising having had to attend A&E due to the pain in my hip. Despite this I traveled up to Leeds after school on Friday determined to start and finishing as my goal. I woke to a glorious Yorkshire summers morning, to say it was just raining would be an understatement. Registration opened at 5:30 am and whilst my race wasn't until 9:15 but I wanted to be there early so that if something went wrong I would have time to sort it out ! 
The swim was a pontoon start and one of the most aggressive and roughest open water I have experience, similar to being in a washing machine, it was fun though! I came out of the water into a 300m up hill run to T1, plenty of time to get to grips with my wetsuit. 
I found the bike course a challenge, I was lacking some fitness and the pouring rain added to the difficulties especially on the dead turns,  I kept shouting at the riders to slow down because I didn't want to be in a crash but I hit a white line in a dead turn and off I came, quite ironic as I was shouting at everyone else! Luckily only my pride was bruised, and I got back on my bike almost fighting off the marshals. I drove hard for the remainder of the ride catching up with the group that I lead into the turn! 
Out of T2 and into the run, I didn't expect much success here, mentally I felt strong and just hoping that that physically I'd actually make it to the finish as my hips got worse as I concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other! I made it to the finish which I think is quite an achievement In it's self. I've had a lot of fun watching the elites race and cheering the rest of medwaytri, well done to everyone who competed the weekend was a great success!
Posted: Jun 14, 2017 | Category: News