Ian Farr

Level 2 Coach

I’m in Medway for my Sport Science PhD, which arises from my keen interest in a range of sporting aspects, including triathlon. My research is looking at how social identity affects performance so I’m really pleased I found MedwayTri which is such a fantastic club.

Since being awarded my black belt, I have coached jujitsu and enjoy competitive elements of a variety of martial arts.  

I enjoy triathlon as it develops such incredible cardio and all-round fitness at whatever level you are at. The variety of training methods, formats and environments are enjoyable, not to mention the social side. Personally, I’ve had fun in anything from super sprint to Ironman as well some bits in between.

As well as Level 2 Tri Coaching, I’ve worked as a fitness coach and also delivered run programmes with England Athletics and Local Athletics Clubs. I find coaching a rewarding experience because of being part of something bigger than yourself, because of the facilitation of success stories and because of the participation and enjoyment of the sport.