GO TRI training for beginners

  • Keen to give running, swimming or 
cycling a go, but worried you won't 
be able to keep up?
  • Looking to get in to regular exercise 
routines to improve your health and 

Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

Here are five reasons to GO TRI:

1. It's great for all round fitness

Three disciplines spread the workload around your body equally, reducing the risk of injury. This also means it tones everywhere as your fitness increases.

What's not to like?

2. It's honest

The only person you're really competing with in triathlon is yourself.

Whatever your goal you learn not to judge yourself against others and instead to only focus on your own progress. Your peers become great training partners, but you don't have to be the best amongst them, you'll just learn to want to be the best you can be and you get kudos just for Tri'ing!

3. It's a challenge

Triathlon is a fairly new event that started in the 1970s in Hawaii and was first included in the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

It is a challenge because of the three disciplines but with a little training and hard work it is genuinely not as tough as it appears. This won't stop your friends referring to you in wonder as the ‘triathlete' pal they are in awe of ☺

4. It's fun and friendly

Triathletes know that everyone starts somewhere and are keen to encourage others to give it a try.

No-one is full of more advice for you than a fellow triathlete and in to time you'll find yourself surrounded by friends trying to drag you out for a swim, ride or run.

5. Three times the sport = three times the buzz

There is never a bad day. Not wanting to lace up the trainers? Go for a swim! Not enough time to ride? Go and do a parkrun. If you are down about one discipline, you'll be firing on all cylinders at another. So you'll always be happy and passionate about something.

You'll never fall out of love with triathlon!

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Go Tri Triathlon England

GoTri Training Calendar

Mondays 7-8pmRunMedway Park, Gillingham
Wednesdays 7-8pmRunMedway Park, Gillingham
Wednesdays 8.30-9.30pmSwimMedway Park, Gillingham
Thursdays 7-8pmBikeCyclopark, Gravesend
Sunday morning from 9amBikeStarting at Capstone Farm Country Park, Gillingham

From 6th November 2017

Thanks to National Lottery funding from Sport England, and support from Triathlon England and Medway Sport, we are delighted to be able to offer a new GO TRI training programme specially designed for beginners to give you the confidence and motivation to be a part of the fun and fast-growing sport of triathlon.

From November, our team of triathlon-trained instructors will be here to support you in a choice of up to five different training sessions every week in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment. For anyone who would like to have a go at a race, we will provide you all of the support you need for that too.

And here's the best bit! The first month is completely free and your second and third months will be half price.

Need more information first?

If you'd like to have a chat about the GO TRI programme please drop our head coach Rob an email at rob@medwaytri.com

  Available Sessions

Day Time Type Session Places Fee (A/J) Attend
24th Jun
19:00 - 20:00Run
GoTriAdult Track Session 53 / 60 Please login
24th Jun
19:00 - 20:00Run
GoTriGo-Tri/Team Phoenix Track Session 39 / 40 Please login
25th Jun
20:00 - 21:00Swim
GoTriSwim Stroke, Technique and Pacing 16 / 16 Please login
20th Jun
18:00 - 19:00Bike
GoTriGo-Tri/Team Phoenix Cycle Session 46 / 50 Please login