Leeds Castle Junior Aquathlon.

Abigail Garthwaite gives a excellent account of her experience during the Junior Aquathlon held at Leeds Castle. A positive attitude is demonstrated throughout her race, proving she is developing into a wonderful athlete.

Leeds Castle Junior Aquathlon.
Abigail and Olivia with Medals and trophy.


It was 1 o’clock. I had one and a half hours till my race and had nerves bubbling in my stomach. In the distance was the grand castle with its four turrets, glistening in the sunshine. Only 1 hour left now and time to put my stuff in transition; trainers (sprinkled with talcum powder,) a towel and race belt with my number on. After that [only half an hour left now] I had to put on my tri-suit. Right, now was time for my race, which was tri-start 2. My nerves were indescribable, as was my excitement!

"Go!!!"shouted the marshal. I raced off into the shimmering moat. There were lots of gushes of bitter wind and the water was quite chilly but that just meant I needed to swim faster. It was a non-wetsuit race because the water was nearly 26 degrees. It was a hard swim (250 metres) especially as it was in open water and with all the pushing and shoving going on. Every so often I had to put my head above the water to check I was going the right way.

Coming out of the swim, as I went into transition I thought “How would I make it through the run?” as my legs felt like they were going to fall off! My transition was quite slow because I couldn’t get my shoes on but eventually I did it in the end.

Right, straight into the run I headed. Unfortunately I got a stitch about two thirds of the way round. Thankfully it went away after I pushed through the pain. As I heard the supportive crowd cheer, I knew I had nearly completed this race. In the distance I could see the finish line. I started to pick up speed and before I knew it I was there. They put a medal over my head and then took off my timing chip and most importantly, gave me a glass of water.

When I tried to get my results I found out my time wasn’t recorded. My chip didn’t work!! For the second week running I had trouble with my timing chip which is really bad luck. I think I came about seventh or eighth but I am not quite sure, we are still waiting for the website to post the results. I was a bit disappointed about not knowing where I came but it didn’t stop me having an amazing time!

Posted: Jun 26, 2017 | Category: News