Mission & Vision

At MedwayTri it is our aim to ensure that everyone not only gets the opportunity to experience and enjoy triathlon, but is also given the support to be the best they can be. We are a club of equal opportunities so no matter what your physical ability, age, race or background you will be welcome at MedwayTri.

MedwayTri We have a philosophy that sport needs to be fun, but we are also fully committed to developing talent at junior and senior level. By encouraging juniors to participate in our training, we aim to identify promising future stars and guide them to the top. Developing skills and building experience with our youngsters and watching that potential grow gives everyone at MedwayTri massive pride.

MedwayTri If you take up triathlon later in life, we still aim to make you the best you can be. We have a number of talented Age Group athletes who have made it to the very top at Age Group level and we aim to continue helping our athletes qualify and compete for the Great Britain Age Group team every year.

The most important thing to our club is the enjoyment of the sport; we are an elite club, but definitely not elitist! If you can compete with a smile on your face that makes us just as happy as if you are competing for your country and triumphing over the competition. The important factor to MedwayTri is that everyone, no matter their level, is given the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic sport of triathlon or any of its individual disciplines.