Training for Juniors

Welcome to the MedwayTri Junior training page. We understand that the future of our club, the sport of triathlon and how we operate as a community lies with our children. The values and experiences that Juniors learn and enjoy at MedwayTri will help shape the people they become. We hope to find talented sports stars right here in Medway, but more than that, we want to help our Junior members to have fun and understand the value of sport in building a healthy and responsible community.

MedwayTri enrols Juniors from the age of eight years old as this is the first age at which Juniors are allowed to compete under the BTF rules. To see what the club has to offer, why not come along to one of our training sessions to get a taster? To choose a training session within the Junior training schedule, see below.

Junior swim sessions

As swimming is an early development sport, at MedwayTri, we firmly believe in regular, targeted swimming sessions to build on technique, overall fitness and endurance. In addition to the mixed group sessions in which Juniors of sufficient ability are allowed to participate, there are two specific Junior swim sessions per week, overseen by the dedicated Junior Swim Coach. The first takes place on a Tuesday at Cobham Hall School swimming pool and is divided into specific lanes by ability: one hour for Junior Stroke Development and Junior Intermediate Level 1 and two hours for Junior Intermediate Level 2 and Junior Advanced; and the second is based at Strood Sports Centre where Junior Intermediate Level 2 and Junior Advanced swim for one and a half hours. The swim level and lane allocation of the Juniors is assessed, determined and set by the Junior Swim Coach.

Junior bike skills sessions

Based at Gravesend Cyclopark, this hour long session allows our younger riders to develop cycling skills and build strength to enable them to compete and eventually join the Advanced cycling sessions or even the Junior weekend ride.

MedwayTri training for juniors

Junior track sessions

Our track sessions are split into three groups:

Tristart and novice junior sessions - these sessions are designed as 'learn to run' sessions with the idea being to ensure that the children focus on the enjoyment of running rather than the training aspect. With the correct structure, enjoyable games can develop skills and strength in young junior athletes without exposing them to the pressure of training. With younger children, this is the best way to develop them as runners.

Teenagers and competing juniors - Juniors at a certain level are able to maintain concentration and have the physical capabilities to carry out interval-based sessions. As with the adults, these sessions need to be a mixture of easy, moderate and hard intensity, without being too long in duration. Continuous Fartlek sessions are as beneficial for junior athletes as they are for adults. At MedwayTri, we ensure that these junior athletes get exactly the intensity and distance required to develop them as runners.

Adult sessions - some of our Juniors have the maturity and physical capability of training in the adult sessions. At MedwayTri, we determine when the junior athlete can achieve this, either part or full time.

The track session is held once a week.

MedwayTri training for juniors

Junior group ride

A Junior group ride, lead by one of the club coaches, takes place on a Saturday morning (subject to change, dependent on the season) and is open to experienced Juniors. Leaving from Capstone Park, this road ride is approximately 40 - 50 km and is open to Juniors subject to the following minimum standards:

  1. Be able to ride between 40 to 50 km
  2. Be able to maintain an average pace of 24km/hr
  3. Have completed a road safety assessment with their school or other organisation
  4. Be trusted by their parent to ride safely on the roads when given safe leadership and instruction
  5. Wear a high vis vest

Those who want to join this ride must sign up on the website to attend, which in turn, means they have agreed to the statement below, as well as the club's waiver:

'Children must be proficient road cyclists and deemed by their parents to be capable of riding on open roads safely. Ride leaders will give adequate safety instruction and lead juniors in a safe manner, but if you decide to send your child on this ride you must be confident in your child's ability. Remember these are open roads and the ride leader can not be held responsible for any injury if you send your child on this ride.'

  Pay per session cost

Swim (pool)£6.00£6.00
Swim 2hr (pool)N/A£8.75
Swim (open water)£5.00£5.00
Bike (cyclopark)£5.00£3.80
Run (track)£3.80£2.70
Strength (studio)£4.40£2.20
Turbo (studio)£4.40£2.20

Weekend group rides and cross country session are free to all members.

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  Available Sessions

Day Time Type Session Places Fee (A/J) Attend
28th Aug
17:45 - 20:00Swim
Advanced Junior and Intermediate development Swim Session

Only Juniors identified by Dean Painter may attend these sessions
17 / 21 Please login
28th Aug
18:00 - 19:00Swim
Stroke Development Level 2 Junior Swim Session

There are limited numbers for this session so parents must book in advance!
8 / 8 Please login
28th Aug
19:00 - 20:00Swim
Intermediate Junior Swim Session

Session numbers are limited so parent must ensure their children are booked on
8 / 8 Please login
28th Aug
19:15 - 18:15Bike
Grain 10 mile TT 30 / 30 Please login
22nd Aug
17:30 - 18:30Bike
Junior Cycle Skills & Fitness 48 / 50 Please login
22nd Aug
18:45 - 20:00Multi
Adults and Advanced Juniors Turbo Brick Session

Members to bring own bikes and turbo trainers
23 / 25 Please login
22nd Aug
19:00 - 20:00Run
Athletics Track Session 79 / 80 Please login
23rd Aug
17:45 - 19:00Swim
Advanced to SD2 Open water training

Replacement for Strood session, Gateway and SD1 squads should not book this session.
51 / 60 Please login
24th Aug
18:00 - 19:00Swim
Stroke Development 2 and Intermediate Junior Swim Session 13 / 16 Please login
25th Aug
10:00 - 10:30Swim
Open Water Swim Assessment

Leybourne Lake Watersports: 20.00 in cash to be paid on the day
11 / 12 Please login
26th Aug
18:00 - 19:00Swim
Stroke Development Levels One, Two and Intermediate Swim Session

Juniors must be a part of these specific squads and have been admitted following a swim assessment
16 / 21 Please login