Bike Training

Welcome to the MedwayTri bike training page. MedwayTri caters for all levels of cyclist, from the very top level age group time trialists and roadies to complete novices and juniors just starting out and learning their bike skills. Throughout the season we deliver a number of weekly sessions to help develop every rider.

Details of the sessions included in our programme are shown below:

Sunday group ride

The Sunday group bike ride leaves from the bottom car park at Capstone Park every Sunday morning at 08.00 for the long ride and 09.00 for the standard distance and short ride. Everyone is welcome on our rides (even non-club members), but we do ask that you choose the correct bike group for your ability. The ride details will tell you if there is a coffee stop included or not. Theses rides are generally for adults, but some advanced juniors can ride with the groups; please check with the group leader first. 

Beginner's group ride

On selected weekends, we will run beginner rides approximately 40 km in length, to cater for people without road bikes, those who have just started or the weaker rider. Some juniors may be suitable for these rides but must check with the group leader first.

Junior bike skills sessions

Based at Gravesend Cyclopark, these sessions for our younger riders help to develop cycling skills and build strength enabling them to compete and eventually join the Advanced cycling sessions or even the weekend rides. There is also a specific Saturday road ride for the faster Juniors during the appropriate season; see Junior Training.

Advanced cycling session

Based at Gravesend Cyclopark, this session which is run throughout the winter season, works on group riding skills, giving every rider the opportunity to experience an intense bike set, impossible to achieve riding on the road.

The sessions focus on group riding and racing, including team pursuits, moving more towards individual time trialling and interval work, as the start of the competition season approaches. In the spring and summer, a two hour triathlon skills session takes place at the Cyclopark, working more specifically on the bike discipline within triathlon events, including brick training, transition from bike to run and other much needed skills for the heat of the event. 

MedwayTro at the Isle of Grain 10 mile TT

Isle of Grain 10 mile TT

On a Tuesday night throughout the TT season, Gravesend Cycle Club holds a marshalled TT on the A228 Grain Road, which is a unique opportunity to actually race on a road TT as part of your training. MedwayTri takes part as a team every week and results from the race are shown on the events league table. See the League Table. Taking part gives you the chance to gain valuable non-drafting race practice and experience a really intense workout to help you during this stage of the season.

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  Available Sessions

Day Time Type Session Places Fee (A/J) Attend
25th Jun
18:15 - 19:15Bike
Grain 10 mile TT 30 / 30 Please login
25th Jun
19:00 - 21:00Bike
MT Cylopark Session (shared with 4T) 40 / 40 Please login
23rd Jun
08:00 - 14:00Bike
Advanced Group Endurance Ride

90-140km usually averaging 25-30kph
30 / 30 Please login
23rd Jun
09:00 - 14:00Bike
Endurance & Social Ride

70-100km usually averaging 21-25kph
60 / 60 Please login