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Welcome to the MedwayTri swim training page. This can sometimes be the forgotten discipline with many triathletes. However, in this section, we hope to demonstrate how you can monitor and improve your swimming to make you confident and efficient in the water. This will, in turn, help you to become more proficient and enjoy this part of your race.

MedwayTri is a very swim-focused club with a comprehensive and targeted schedule for both Juniors and Adults. Many of our members are swimmers with a strong ASA club swimming background, which provides a great platform to start developing open water skills. Typically swimmers with a history of club swimming make very good swimmers as triathletes and excel in this discipline. In addition, with swimming being an early development sport, MedwayTri puts significant emphasis on the swim training for Juniors with a dedicated Junior Swim Coach delivering two specific Junior swim sessions per week. 

Even if you do not have this type of swim background, this is no barrier to developing a high swimming level at our club. MedwayTri offers a significant number of pool-based sessions per week (six sessions, some early morning) specifically designed to deliver the swim smooth model for front crawl. We also provide pool-based sessions specifically for the development of open water skills and tactics.

Novice swimmers are also encouraged to join the club; the only requirement is that you are able to swim 100m front crawl without stopping. From this starting point we will spend time teaching you to swim correctly and to develop an efficient stroke.

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Once you have achieved a competent level as a swimmer, we will introduce technique, speed and endurance-based training sessions and calculate your individual training threshold speeds. Training to these paces within our sessions will strengthen your swimming and improve your overall swim performance.

Swim training

Benchmarks and training paces will continue to be set throughout your development by means of regular performance testing and gauging of your improvement. Calculating your Critical Swim Speed (CSS) and ensuring you carry out specific swim sets around your CSS pace is the best way to develop you as a swimmer.

The CSS is calculated by performing a 400m and 200m best paced swim with the resulting pace achieved from this test, giving you an Aerobic Threshold, essential for your development.

Our Clubs CSS results and League tables can be found here

Through the Open Water (OW) summer swim season, MedwayTri has one coached OW session per week. The venue that is most frequently used for this session is Leybourne Lakes Watersports Centre, but this is sometimes subject to change, so please check our swim schedule to determine the location.

If our Gold members can not make a particular session (be it OW or pool-based) but would still like to swim the set, they can access all our session plans, plus the appropriate annual plans to assist in reaching their seaonal goals.

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  Pay per session cost

Swim (pool)£6.00£6.00
Swim 2hr (pool)N/A£8.75
Swim (open water)£5.00£5.00
Bike (cyclopark)£5.00£3.80
Run (track)£3.80£2.70
Strength (studio)£4.40£2.20
Turbo (studio)£4.40£2.20

Weekend group rides and cross country session are free to all members.

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  Available Sessions

Day Time Type Session Places Fee (A/J) Attend
24th Jun
05:45 - 08:00Swim
Early Morning Swim Set 21 / 28 Please login
25th Jun
05:45 - 07:00Swim
Early Morning Swim Set 21 / 28 Please login
25th Jun
20:00 - 21:00Swim
Team Phoenix Swim Session 12 / 12 Please login
20th Jun
05:45 - 07:00Swim
Early Morning Swim set 6 / 28 Please login
21st Jun
19:00 - 20:00Swim
Adult, Advanced and Intermediate Development Junior Swim Session 12 / 28 Please login
22nd Jun
09:00 - 10:00Swim
Open Water Swim; senior social only. No coaching availability for junior swimming

Leybourne Lake Watersports: 5.00 in cash to be paid on the day (includes parking)
30 / 40 Please login
23rd Jun
19:00 - 20:00Swim
Adult and Advanced Junior Swim Session 23 / 28 Please login